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We treat your house like it is ours

The framing of a house provides the structure that gives a home its shape, and provides the outer shell for the exterior coverings. Selecting the best framing option for your home involves evaluating upfront construction costs and long-term expenses, along with each method's strengths and weaknesses.

JL Construction USA has a team of framing experts that are highly proficient in wood and metal framing. Contact us today to get a free quote for your framing project.

Wood Framing
Metal Framing



Wood frame construction is one of the most widely used methods to build residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Wood frames are not only very economical to build but are also resistant to extreme climatic variations, and offer residents a high degree of comfort. Added to that, wood frames are sustainable and absorb carbon and offset greenhouse gasses.

JL Construction USA is an expert in house framing, with a large portfolio of successfully finished projects, all in professional and timely manner.


When you hear about using steel in construction, you may think of tall commercial buildings. But steel framing is actually becoming more popular in homes—and for a few good reasons. 

Steel framing offers a strong, accurate, stable, and durable framing alternative to traditional wooden frames. In fact, lightweight steel framing is the superior choice for residential construction. Steel frames come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, much more so than standard lumber, and yield a high-quality home. Most steel construction involves extremely strong light gauge steel. Prepared in a factory and assembled on-site, steel framing can accommodate essentially any structural need.

Contact JL Construction USA for a consultation of metal framing for your project.

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Why choose JL Construction?

We treat your house like it is ours

JL Construction USA are Roof Replacement experts licensed and insured roofing contractor. With many years of experience in roof replacement, we provide high-quality roof services for residential and commercial customers. For affordable new roofs, our expertise is ready to work for you.

As a top-rated roofer in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts, we specialize in all aspects of both residential and commercial roof replacements. We work closely with each customer to ensure customized solutions exceed expectations. We commit to excellent customer service and safety. We are proud of the long-term, trusting relationships we have built with all of our clients.




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